Xiaomi Smart Glass
Xiaomi Smart Glass

You can take pictures with glasses, you can talk

You can take pictures with glasses, you can talk to your loved ones. Xiaomi is bringing Xiaomi Smart Glass with this feature rich glasses. This device will look like sunglasses to the naked eye. However, there are many features of advanced technology hidden in these glasses. Xiaomi has given a sensor on its screen. Which can act as a real time text translator.

In addition to these features, the 51 gram glasses have screen translation. Through which you can translate various texts inside the image.

Although the video of these glasses has been released recently, Xiaomi has not confirmed when it will be released. The idea is that this smart glass will come to the Chinese market soon.

It is known that these glasses will run on Android operating system. There is Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi facility.

Note that before Shaomi, Facebook recently unveiled first generation smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban. With the aim of providing a true augmented reality experience, these sophisticated glasses allow users to listen to music, receive calls and even capture pictures or videos.

Facebook Ray-Ban Storage starts at ৯ 299. Users can choose the design of their choice from 20 frame (lens style) combinations. It is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Ireland and Australia. Can also be purchased from Ray-Ban stores and official sites.

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