Which game will increase the height of the baby

After school, sitting at home all day and keeping an eye on the five-six inch display will hinder the growth of the child. There is no alternative to running or sports. That’s not to say just playing cricket-football again. There are some special games to grow.

In badminton and tennis
, hold the badminton in the child’s hand in winter. The spine is well formed in this game as you have to jump and turn your hand. It also increases the height quickly. Tennis does the same thing. It also strengthens the hand muscles.

Basketball players don’t just grow taller. Their height increases as they play. Because in this game you have to constantly jump and run.

Teach your child to play as a sport, not as a swimming exercise. Because everything in the body becomes an exercise in it. All the organs of the body grow rapidly in it.

Another great sport of lafalafi is volleyball. It also has endless jumps. And besides entertainment, there is no pair in this game to increase the height.

is a very good cardio exercise for rope jumping children. It also plays a role in increasing height.

Source: Times of India

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