The KGF movie was a huge hit at the box office and Rocky Brother, the main character in the movie, had a bike with him. But no brand name of the bike will be seen in the movie, instead of the name of the bike, the name of Rocky brother Rocky in the character of the movie will be seen.

In fact, if you see this bike, you will not understand which company or model it is made, so there is confusion among many people about this bike, that it is actually a bike of a company or a model. So friends, today in this video we will try to find out which company or model this Rocky bike is. Watch the full video without dragging it. And its price will know about Top Milling Speed ​​and its engine in today’s episode

First of all, let me tell you a little bit about this movie, the full name of the movie is Kolar Gold Field which is abbreviated as KGF, it is a Canadian pure action film starring Yas, and in Bengali it is Yash, and this Yash is not his real name. The name is Naveen Kumar Gaura, and the inner stage name is Yash Originally, the stage performances were given a short name to the big names, and the fame came from Naben Kumar Gaurab.

The film was originally made in Canadian and dubbed in four other languages: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. The budget of the film was around Rs 80 crore and this film earned around Rs 250 crore Also this movie has won two National Awards based on Action Movie. Now let’s see about this bike.

The bike used in the picture was a modification bike that had a Royal Enfield Himalayan engine, and was built with the Royal Enfield Continental GT Five Hundred Seat Silencer and Fuel Tank. S means 6500 run per mile, maximum torque is 32 Nm 4500 rpm, and speed is 122 to 145 km per hour, seat height of the bike is 800 mm, and ground clearance is 220 mm, carb weight of the bike is 191 kg.

It will have a fuel capacity of 15 liters and a mileage of 40 to 45 kilometers per liter, which means you can ride a bike for about 600 kilometers on a full tank once. In this bike you will get the facility of dual disc and dual channel with the size of the front disc being 300 mm and the rear disc size being 240 mm. And this bike is currently priced at Bx6 in India with about 1 lakh 90 thousand rupees with insurance and tax, it will be around 2 lakh 40 thousand rupees. This is basically the price of Delhi, let’s talk about the Royal Enfield Continental GT500, the fuel tank seat of this bike was used, this is a naked cafe racing bike, it has a 535 cc single cylinder aircool engine, 4 maximum power is 29.1 bhp. That means 5100 rpm, Max Stark forty four nm i.e. 4000 rpm and its top speed is 145 km per hour, seat height of the bike is 800 mm, ground clearance is 140 mm, carb weight is 192 kg. In this bike you will get 13.8 liters of fuel capacity, and the combination of these two bikes was extended to the KGF movie Rocky bike.

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