What is the price of Apple’s display clean cloth!

Apple released microfiber-rich polishing cloth on Tuesday (October 19th). In Bangladeshi language it can be called display wiping cloth. It was originally released to erase the display of Apple-made devices. But how much does it cost? Do you have to sell or borrow your kidney to buy it?

You may have to sell your kidneys to buy all the other Apple products, but your kidneys are safe to buy this product from Apple. The microfiber-rich ‘Polishing Cloth’, which has just arrived in the US, is priced at just ১৯ 19. Which is about 1 thousand 630 rupees in Bangladeshi currency.

On October 19, Apple hosted an event called ‘Unleashed’. However, this is not just to unleash this display. Originally third generation AirPods were unleashed. Also shown are two laptops in the ‘MacBook Pro’ series with a high configuration.

And since you have to use this laptop, you must take care of it. Now you can’t clean the display with an old torn T-shirt or underwear lying in your house. To alleviate your worries and to be careful when cleaning the device’s display, Apple has introduced this polishing cloth or display wipe.

This product description is written in the soft material made of polishing cloth, which safely and effectively cleans any Apple display, even nano-textured glass. The issue of nano-textured glass cleaning, of course, has come up for Apple’s Pro Display XDR monitor.

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