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What is needed for perfection in life?


In the present state of the world, it is only natural that such a question should arise in the mind – how can one find joy and purpose in life even in the midst of deep amanita? How can a person live a very good life, no matter how bad his surroundings maybe?

These are the questions that the people of the world have been asking themselves endlessly for the last 18 months; Consciously or subconsciously. And the good news is that a small team of scientists has worked hard to come up with satisfactory answers to these questions.

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But before diving directly into the question of the fullness of life, let us raise a small example. According to a 2014 report in the journal Science, researchers once asked a group of college students to choose between two tasks. Either they have to sit lazily in a secluded room, or they have to push a button to get an electric shock on their body.

Tell me, which option did the students choose? You may be thinking, all the students chose the first option. Because, if you are not a fool, who will choose to receive an electric shock in his body instead of sitting idle and relaxing!

But surprisingly, as usual, some students chose the first option, but a large number of students actually chose the subject of electric shock. This is because, according to Erin Westgate, a social psychologist at the University of Florida, “people prefer action to injection.” That is, they want to be busy with something instead of sitting quietly with their hands folded .

Now you can compare this example with the experience of the last 18 months. Because of the Corona epidemic, our lives have been ruined by injections. In order to save our lives, we had to stay under house arrest, we had to adhere to social distances, we always had to cover our faces with masks. That is, we as human beings have to choose the opposite of our normal instincts. And that’s exactly why, in addition to Covid-19 or other physical complications and illnesses, millions of people worldwide have become mentally retarded.

Simply put, the reason people around the world have been emotionally broken for the last 18 months is that their journey to perfection has been interrupted.

Now let’s go back to the context of what is meant by the perfection of life. According to the psychologist Shigehiro Oishi, so far life has been divided into two types of parameters: goodness and perfection. One is a happy life, the other is a meaningful life.

According to the divine interpretation, happy life is the kind of life that has joy, comfort, and security. A meaningful life, on the other hand, means that life has meaning, purpose, consistency, or discipline. A happy and meaningful life can run parallel to each other, and often the two can go together. And these two issues are rooted in personal and social stability.

But the coronavirus has played a double role in our personal and social stability. In any case, finding happiness or meaning in life, and attaining perfection in life through their welfare, is by no means possible.

So what could be the third alternative to happiness and meaning in gaining perfection in life? Oishee, a researcher at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and her team have been trying to uncover that for the past six years. And the thing they have discovered through research is ‘Psychological Richness’.

Oishee and his team have come to the conclusion through research that the elements of a prosperous life do not come from the stability or mood of life. Rather, a prosperous, fulfilling life emerges from moments or experiences such as exploring something new, curiosity and changing one’s perspective.

That is, the rich experience we need in our lives as human beings. And those experiences that have to be completely positive or completely negative have no obligation. They can be good or bad, motivated or sudden, joyful or horrible.

Let’s see what nine characteristics Oishee and his team have identified as the hallmarks of a mentally rich life. You can match your own life with these features. In that case, if you agree completely with the features, you will get number 6, and if you disagree completely, you will get number 1. The other numbers in the middle will also be in the order of consensus or disagreement.

  •  I have gained many new experiences in life.
  •  I have had countless unique and unusual experiences throughout my life.
  •  There have been a lot of rich, intense moments in my life.
  •  My life was very dramatic.
  •  Participating in travel, concerts, etc., through various first-hand experiences, I have awakened various emotions in my mind.
  •  I have a lot of personal stories to tell others.
  •  Lying on my death bed, I might say, ‘My life was pretty interesting.’
  •  Lying on my deathbed, I might say, ‘I’ve seen and learned a lot.’
  •  It could be a pretty good novel or movie based on my life story.

Now you can calculate how much you have scored yourself, you can see how much mental prosperity you have achieved in your life.

But no matter how much Oishee and his team put forward mental prosperity in the fullness of life, most people in the world do not agree with that thought. Surveys on people in Angola, Germany, India, South Korea, and the United States have found that people in each country have a happier life, followed by a more meaningful life, and finally a better life.

Relationships are an integral part of both a happy life and a meaningful life. This means that it is not in vain that relationships are given so much importance in dramas and movies. In fact, healthy or normal relationships are very important to make life happy or meaningful.

However, at the end of this article, we can conclude that it is entirely up to the individual to attain perfection by acquiring a certain outlook on life. There is nothing for anyone to force.

But even then, through generalizations, we can say that if money, time, relationships, positive mindset, moral values, continuity, righteousness, curiosity, time, energy, and spontaneity are all present in a person’s life, then the journey to the fulfillment of life becomes much easier. Comes.

So, if you do not think that mental prosperity is the last word in the fulfillment of life if your desire is to have a happy or meaningful life, then you can try to achieve all these qualities a little bit for mental stability, peace, and new experience.

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