What is around the world, the revelation of deep mysteries

There is no end to people’s interest in the existence of the world and the outside world. Astronomers are also constantly trying to unravel various mysteries. What’s around the world? This question makes many people think? This time the deep mystery was finally revealed.

It is known that the earth is surrounded by a giant magnetic tunnel. That tunnel seems to have hidden the earth from the whole solar system. The magnetic tunnel that encircles this bluish planet from all around hides the earth as much as possible from all the noise in the rest of the universe, including the solar system.

The research paper will be published in the international science research journal The Astrophysical Journal. It has been published online before.

At two opposite ends of the sky, at night, you can see two wonderful structures wrapped in deep mystery. One is in the ‘Northern Polar Spar’ area. The other is at the very opposite end of the sky. Whose name is ‘Fan Region’.

The mysterious structure of the Northern Polar Spar, visible in the sky, extends beyond the constellations Sagittarius, beyond the constellations Scorpios, Lupus, and even Centaurus.

And the fan region can be seen just above the galaxy in the sky. 130 degrees longitude of the galaxy. The two areas are not visible to the naked eye. Because very hot X-rays and radio waves come out from there. So they can be seen on the radio telescope.

Astronomers have been fascinated by them since the sixties of the last century. Many thought that the two structures were formed by a very solidified hot gas. There was no accurate idea of ​​how far those structures would extend in the absence of sufficient information from the telescope.

Recent research has shown that astronomers have not been able to come up with accurate ideas so far. In fact, those two structures are part of a vast magnetic tunnel that encircles the earth. Such a huge magnetic tunnel surrounds our solar system as well. Surrounds other constellations as well.

Researchers examining data provided by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia Space Observatory have found that these structures extend up to 1,000 light-years in length.

Researchers will try to find out how the magnetic field of the Earth, the magnetic field of the solar system and the magnetic field of our galaxy have a regular relationship with this vast magnetic tunnel, and how it controls the movement of the solar system and other stars in our galaxy.


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