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Destination Tuari Maraing.

Dey-Chut Travel Association, a team of fellow indomitable damals. I arrived in the morning in the night car bound for Khagrachari. Mahendra is ready to take the Dighinala road from Safsutar to the hotel. I ran according to the instructions of guide Milton Tripura. On the way I braked and put some water in my stomach. What will I get and eat all day? So I finished my breakfast with hot rice, eggs, mash and pulses. Then I ran on the winding path.

After passing nine miles, Mahendra entered the brick-surki road towards Maituipara. There is a lot of good work to be done in the mind. A narrow path surrounded by forests filled with serene silence. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim crossed Vidya Niketan and reached Seemanapara. Now start trekking in the waves playing mountains. I am running across the blue sky over my head in the whiteness of autumn. With the zoom crop the mind gets bored scent.

Spend some time in a small room on the way.

Occasionally there is a strange feeling of seeing a dense forest of giant trees in the distance. After hiking and trekking for about an hour, you have to stop at the edge of a huge ditch. Now you have to melt the gap of thin bamboo. I have come to see – must see. So I went down with the help of herbs. I got off right. But the next scene is even more terrifying. The water is constantly flowing. About one and a half feet above, I looked down and saw rocks and stones. In the rainy season, it may also take the form of a fountain. You have to go down 10/12 feet through that place. Size only a little side to side. What else to do. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! With the help of companions, I fell down the rope. Such a thrilling feeling. It is difficult to explain in writing. If you want to understand, you have to go to Tuari Maraing surrounded by magical nature. Just as nature is magical, so is extreme revenge.

Let’s talk about those serious things.

Let’s talk about the rest of the trail. There was not much way to see the Tuari Maraing fountain. As much as there were only rocks and stones. Steep hills on both sides. Our hiking was going through him. The twigs of the ancient trees intertwined in such a way that at first glance one would think of the ghost of the haunted house. This is the place to be. In a very short time to go to meet the fountain.

Subhanallah. We will see the form of Tuari Maraing waterfall or we will see the beautiful beauty of its environment. I will keep my eyes on which one to keep. Totally unstable nature. Fascinating view of the fountain’s drinking stream falling from a height of about a hundred feet. The mind-boggling rhythmic rippling sound. A beautiful cascade has been created in front of the fountain as the water recedes. Where it is easy to swim. The foothills on the right side of the waterfall are nicely shaped. Like a huge dish.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Tuari means well and maring means dish. That is the well dish. It is a Tripura language word. All in all, the trail of the Tuari Myrang Falls and its trail with its geographical shape at the foot of the hill carries extraordinary beauty. Anyone who wants to visit Tuari Marai can come back with a bundle of beautiful memories.

How to get there: Dhaka-Khagrachhari route has various bus services. From Khagrachhari bus stand to Chander Gari / Mahendra / CNG in Dighinala nine miles area Seemanapara. Local guides are available from Maitui or Seemanapara.

Where to stay and eat: Khagrachhari town has various residential and food hotels. If you want, you can see Tuari Maring day by day and return to your destination by night car.

Caution: Adventurer should take the necessary medicine along with the rope suitable for traveling, dry food and enough water.

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