This time more horrible Covid-22 is coming

This time more horrible Covid-22 is coming, the whole world is overwhelmed by the delta variant of coronavirus. In this situation, Corona’s ‘Super Variant’ Covid-22 may become a new cause for concern!

An expert fears that this new variant of Corona may be made in 2022. Professor Sai Reddy, an immunologist in Zurich, said that the current corona strains could combine to form a terrible strain.

Which is more dangerous than Delta, Beta, Gamma. He claims, ‘This strain Covid-22 can be more terrible than other variants. If such a strain occurs, vaccine companies must be prepared in advance to develop a new vaccine, which will eliminate this variant. This new variant will be a big cause of danger. We need to be prepared in advance. Scientists have previously warned that more new strains of coronavirus could emerge in the future. The issue of Corona’s new strain has come to the fore.

Meanwhile, in the context of Corona University Professor. Chris Smith said: ‘We believe the Corona epidemic is not over yet. Even if the infection is reduced, it will not come back again and again in a new form. “It should not be forgotten that virus was first found in the body of a person in a small town in a country. From there, the virus has spread not only in that country but in the whole world. In this case, the researchers relied on vaccinations to fight the coronavirus. They claim that if a person is fully vaccinated, he or she will be much more protected from the virus.

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