The story of Einstein’s brain theft!

Einstein died on April 17, 1955 at the age of 8. Within seven and a half hours, the taste of his death was removed from his brain. Einstein’s body was invisibly taken to the morgue after a crowd of cameramen and journalists rushed to the hospital.

Although the family wanted his funeral to be completed properly. But the pathologists sitting on the embankment expressed their displeasure to destroy the body of such a big scientist by burying it in this way. On the other hand, the postmortem of Einstein’s body was the responsibility of Dr. Thomas Harvey’s head was spinning.

In fact, his eyes were on Einstein’s brain. He also wanted to study why the brain of the wonderful scientist Einstein was so advanced. He stole not only Einstein’s brain but also his eyes.

He did the job very secretly and did not even tell Einstein’s family, but Dr. Although Harvey kept Einstein’s brain to himself, he sent the two eyes to Einstein’s eye doctor. However, Dr. It’s not like Harvey had the whole brain with him. First he took the brain out of the skull. Then put it in a formalin jar. However, he was not kept in Princeton Hospital for long. A few days later. Harvey took the brain home.

And he kept the jar with the brain in his box. Later, for the sake of science. Harvey cut Einstein’s brain into 240 pieces. And he sent them to different scientists in the world. According to research on various slides sent there, Einstein’s IQ was 180 to 190, while the average person’s IQ level is 90 to 110. Even though Einstein’s brain was smaller than a normal human’s, a part of it was called the inferior parietal, which was more than 15 percent of his brain!

And this part of the brain is used for language and mathematics. On the other hand, a fissure named Sylvia Fischer is in everyone’s brain. But that was not in Einstein’s brain. Even at the age of 7, Einstein’s brain was like that of a 25-year-old man because he didn’t have a substance called lipophilus.

Dr. At one point in his research, Harvey kept a part of Einstein’s brain in a room for 40 years, for some unknown reason. Later he was sent to the National Museum of Health and Medicine. And so many fossils of Einstein’s brain are now preserved in various museums or places around the world.

However, Einstein’s brain said. Harvey hid the news long ago from a reporter named Steven Levy of the monthly New Jersey newspaper. So in 1970, Steven Levy went to his new workplace in Kansas to meet Einstein’s brain and meet Dr. Thomas Harvey. And there Steven Levy sees Einstein’s brain in a wooden box with Costa Cider written on it.

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