The smallest bird in the world
The smallest bird in the world

The smallest bird in the world

Mau Hummingbird: The smallest bird in the world The number of bird species in the world is about 10,000.

The Mau Hummingbird is the smallest of these, living in the tropical rainforests of the Caribbean islands. They are slightly larger than bees and weigh a maximum of 2 grams. A drop of rain is a heavy object for them. Almost every feature of the smallest bird is wonderful.

They are able to raise the fan about 60 times per second. Their dynamic life requires a lot of food to provide energy, so on an average more than a thousand places fly every day. Because of their small size, the insects are their main competitors, the male hummingbird with colourful wings is very attractive, but the female hummingbird has to win the hearts of every male dancer.

The female hummingbird observes this dance very attentively. When women are fascinated by dance, they get a chance to meet, then these women are busy building houses. Spider webs are the main raw material for building their nests. Their home is like a ping pong ball.

Within a few days, two teams the size of coffee beans met at home. After 22 days, the baby Mau Hummingbird arrived at the small house. But nature is as comfortable as heaven, and more terrible than hell The Caribbean islands are the most hurricane-prone areas in the world.

Wind speeds can rise up to 250 kilometers per hour with rain. Mother Hummingbird tries to save the children but sometimes the maternal love is defeated by the cyclone. Victory is the cruel law of nature. The global warming is continuing and the warm sea will give rise to more showers in the future. Will give birth to many more heartbreaking stories.

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