The rise and fall of the world's first smartphone
The rise and fall of the world's first smartphone

The rise and fall of the world’s first smartphone

The rise and fall of the world’s first smartphone. For the last few decades, a triumph of science and technology has been taking place all over the world. Technology has touched almost every part of our daily lives. The most groundbreaking development of technology has taken place in our communication. It is difficult to measure exactly how much development has taken place.

However, this development seems to be increasing day by day. Smartphones in the hands of people of all ages today prove the impact of technology in communication. However, smartphones have not only communicated, but also brought great changes in various fields including online and offline, making life easier and easier.

Now people think about their smartphones as much as they think about their clothes. But even three decades ago, feature phones or ordinary button phones were one of the wonders of communication. Today’s fullscreen smartphone has also debuted as a surprise. However, the more advanced and more feature-rich smartphones we have today, the less likely it was to get started.

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Now there are many changes in the world of smartphones as well as fierce competition of different brands. All the brands are constantly trying to reach the customers with more feature-rich smartphones at comparative prices. Currently, Android smartphone makers include Samsung, One Plus, Xiaomi, Realm and a few others. Apple, on the other hand, continues to build its own iOS-enriched iPhone.

Huawei has also launched its own operating system called ‘Harmony OS’ after Google recently revoked Huawei’s permission to use Android. Although Nokia initially made phones powered by Microsoft’s operating system, it could not compete with Android. They have now started using the Android operating system on their smartphones.

So. It is understood that the manufacturers are currently busy with the operating system, technical skills of the phone to keep the market of smartphones. New operating systems are also being born. But isn’t it normal to think that this is today’s competition, how did it start? How was the world’s first smartphone made? What were the benefits of the phone? Today we will learn about the first smartphone.

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The first mobile phone was made in the 1940s. Although that discovery cannot be called a mobile phone in the true sense. Rather, they can be called two-way radios. In other words, the first mobile phone was like today’s walkie-talkie or wireless. Such devices were mainly used by taxi drivers and emergency workers.

In the case of telephones, it was seen that communication had to depend on the base station. One had to wait for a specific cell at the base station to communicate with a specific person. There were also problems with the telephone line. But with the advent of mobile phones, it became easier to communicate from one base to another. Then there was no need to wait for the specific cell to communicate.

The world’s first smartphone was recognized by a device made by IBM company. His name is IBM Simon. The word ‘smartphone’ has been around since 1995. Earlier this type of device was called PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). But the IBM Simon was a cellphone and a PDA device at the same time.

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IBM made their smartphone in early 1992 and brought it to market in 1994. At that time his name was Simon Personal Communicator. The device, which is quite thick and heavy in weight, is equipped with a monochrome, i.e. black-and-white LCD touchscreen system. This display is 4.5 cm in length. And 1.4 cm in width. Interestingly, it also comes with a stylus to handle the device.

The IBM Simon device ushered in a new world from the world of feature phones. However, even though it was the first smartphone, it had some important technologies involved. First, it had the convenience of phone calls as well as email. There was also the advantage of fax.

Other notable technologies include built-in notebooks, addressbooks, calendars, world clocks, and a schedule manager that make appointment scheduling easier.

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In addition to the built-in software, it also had the opportunity to use some more third-party software. However, in that case either the internal memory had to be kept fairly empty, or the memory could be increased by attaching a special type of PC card.

IBM Simon, however, did not become very famous among modern smartphones as the first smartphone. Because it takes some time for people to get used to the new technology. However, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, IBM was able to sell about 50,000 units of their phone. The phone was priced at ৮ 699 with a service contract of around, 1,435. It can be said that Simon Personal Communicator was well ahead of his time in the cell phone market at that time.

But everything has an end. After IBM Simon came on the market and seeing the number of users, gradually other technology companies also started leaning towards smartphones. Someone shows a way, maybe succeeds, or gets lost at some point. But the rest began to walk the path shown. The same thing happened with IBM Simon.

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BlackBerry, one of the leading technology companies after Simon, brought their smartphones to the market. Although the BlackBerry company’s first marketed phone is nothing more than a portable email device. In fact, BlackBerry entered the smartphone world in 2002. Their first smartphone was the BlackBerry 5710.

This smartphone had many useful features of that time. Such as- Calendar, Music System, Full Functioning Keyboard System, Advanced Security System and Internet. But one of the disadvantages of this is that if you want to call and talk to someone, you must use headphones. BlackBerry targets merchants and brings them to the market. One by one they started adding new features to their smartphones.

But BlackBerry also began to lose market at some point. Because by that time Apple has appeared in the smartphone market with a radical change. The journey of modern smartphone has started by that time. Apple sold about 1.4 million smartphones in their first year.

Today’s modern smartphones are no less than a small computer. Now almost everyone has a smartphone. Just like those phones do not have any worries about battery backup, so it is surprising to think about how many hundreds of apps, how many technologies are connected.

But all this was not made in one day. While IBM Simon may not have survived as the world’s first smartphone, its continuity has led to such a huge change in today’s smartphone world, being perpetual. Reader, which smartphone are you using?

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