The Pyramids of Egypt are the largest man-made structures

For thousands of years, the Egyptian pyramids were the largest man-made structures. It is a huge challenge to come up with such a big construction in the present era even using all kinds of modern technology.

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The ruler of ancient Egypt was named Pharaoh, and the pyramid was the gateway to the rebirth of the pharaohs. After the death of the pharaohs, as long as their bodies can be preserved, they will live in heaven.

That is why the bodies of dead pharaohs were mummified and stored inside the pyramids. There are about 60 pyramids in Egypt, the largest of which is the Kufr Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. Built about 4,800 years ago, the Pyramid of Kufr is about the size of a 6-foot football field and as tall as a 42-story building.

The pyramid was the tallest man-made structure for about 5,000 years before the Eiffel Tower was built in 189. 20 million stone blocks have been used to build the pyramids, these blogs have been brought to the pyramids from about 500 miles away, it is really a wonder how they transported about 20 million blocks weighing 50 tons through the desert.

The outer walls are made of limestone blocks and the inner walls of the pyramid are made of precious granite.

The minimum weight of an outside block is equal to that of a private car, and the weight of each block inside is equal to 40 private cars. At present, the world’s largest crane can lift a maximum weight of 10 tons from 50 to 100 meters, while they have lifted such a heavy rock to a height of about 150 meters and attached it perfectly.

Inside the Kufur Pyramid, there are three chambers. The entrance to these chambers is made by cutting solid stones 300 feet long and 3 feet wide. The bodies of the pharaohs are kept in the central chamber of the pyramid.

The stone cutting of the pyramid has an incredible similarity with the technology of cutting stones with modern machines, nowadays it is not possible to cut stones with such perfect precision even with machines.

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