Wed. Jun 29th, 2022
The public health center will provide 100 tons of dry food and medical treatment to the flood victims

The public health center will distribute 100 tons of dried food including chira, molasses, forest bread and toast biscuits in the flood affected areas including Sylhet and Sunamganj in the next few days. Cooperation will also continue in the rehabilitation of poor and helpless families after the water recedes. Jahangir Alam Mintu, press advisor of the public health center, said this in a message on Saturday.

From today (yesterday), two medical teams from the public health center will provide medical services in the flood-hit areas. They left Dhaka yesterday and reached Sylhet and Sunamganj today.

The announcement was made last Friday from the public health center, the message said. It is said that due to continuous heavy rains and hill slopes, various areas of greater Sylhet and Sunamganj districts have been inundated with severe floods. Meanwhile, Naodhar Public Health Center Hospital in Bishwanath upazila of Sylhet district, one of the two sub-centers of the public health center of Sylhet division has also been flooded. Villages around Pagla Bazar Public Health Center and Hospital in Shantiganj Upazila of Sunamganj District have been inundated by the flood waters. In this situation, 5 tons of chira and 1 ton of molasses were sent from Dhaka on Friday at noon to the flood affected families in the villages around Naodhar Public Health Center in Sylhet Bishwanath Upazila and Pagla Bazar Public Health Center and Hospital in Shantiganj Upazila of Sunamganj District.

The message further said that the main road in front of Paglabazar sub-center is almost submerged. There is a danger that the road will be submerged in some time and water will enter the hospital. The people of the flood-hit villages have taken shelter in various schools, colleges, madrasas, mosques and other places which have two-storey houses. Besides, about two thousand people have taken shelter in Paglabazar Public Health Center Hospital. Yet people continue to come to the hospital for shelter.

It is said that since its inception, the public health center has been extending free medical and food aid to the people during various disasters. The organization is working to provide double food and medical care to the flood-hit people.

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