The ones that were searched the most on Google

Towards the end of the year. The new year is approaching. And every time it is time to go to a year, everyone looks back once. Everyone is interested to know what was going on all year round. Similarly, in 2021, the whole world was engulfed in various incidents. Due to these incidents, many people are searched by searching Google at different times. Some of them are stars while others are involved in other professions. Let’s find out who was ahead in Google search in 2021.

Not to mention Shah Rukh’s son Aryan at first. The whole of Bollywood was hot on the heels of his arrest in a drug case. What did Aryan do at that time, what will happen, Aryan is ahead in Google search from various questions.

A woman was killed and the director of the movie was seriously injured when shots were fired from Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin’s ‘Prop Gun’ on the movie set. Not only Hollywood but the whole world was shaken by this incident. And from that source, Alec Baldwin is on the list of the most searched stars in Google search.

American star Army Hammer. This handsome star is also in the list of more searches in Google this year. However, despite being handsome, this star has a lot of badges on his body. Rape and drugs were discussed throughout the year.

One of the most respected stars of Mexico was Carmen Salinas. The popular Man of Fire star died just two days ago. He is also one of the most searched stars on Google. The 72-year-old star had been in a coma since November after suffering a stroke.

Shortly after entering the world of acting, the Oscar-nominated actress’ badge was added to her name. Became a favorite of directors like Christopher Nolan in a very short time. But Elliott Page was the most talked about transgender person throughout the year.

Mixed martial arts player Gina Carrano has a good reputation in the world of her profession. But the star came into the discussion by presenting himself openly from the game.

Shehnaz Gill. His name was everywhere in the media throughout the year. Despite getting acquainted with Big Boss, everyone is looking for Shehnaz with his relationship with Siddharth and the situation he had after his death. Everyone wanted to find Shehnaz again and again. And so he is at the top of Google search this time.

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