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The body of a Russian model who called Putin insane was recovered


Russian popular model Greta Vedler. He was the model of many famous and expensive organizations. There was a call to her name in the fashion world. But in 2021, the 23-year-old model called Russian President Vladimir Putin insane. The matter then went viral in other countries, including Russia. There was one more reason to be viral though. The reason is that he disappeared shortly after Putin was called insane. He could not be found anywhere else.

However, he was found a year later. Not alive but dead. Recently the body of this model was found. Also wrapped, in a suitcase. How did he get killed after this fair of his body? There are also many questions surrounding Putin. However, Russian police claim that Dmitry Korovin, the ex-boyfriend of model Greater, killed Putin, not in an anti-Putin case. That boyfriend has admitted it to the police again!

Greater’s ex-boyfriend, Dimitri, told police after his arrest: He then planned and killed him. It has nothing to do with being a Greater politician or an anti-Putin.

According to the information, after Greta’s disappearance, her ex-boyfriend Dimitri used to keep regular updates by uploading various pictures on her social media. However, seeing that post, one of his friends named Eugenie Foster became suspicious. Eugene, a resident of the city of Kharkiv that has been reduced to rubble by the ongoing war in Ukraine, has reported missing to police. Later, with the help of a friend from Moscow, Russia, this friend of Greater went to the police.

Then what happened happened. Dmitry was arrested by Russian police on suspicion of plotting to assassinate United States President George W. Bush. A video they investigated showed Dimitri pleading guilty. He even described how Greta was killed.

Dimitri further testified to police that Greta had spent three nights with her body in a hotel room after the murder. He then drove to Greater Lipetsk, about 500 kilometers from Moscow. Greater’s body was kept in a suitcase in the luggage compartment behind the car. He left the car there and fled.

Greater’s body had been lying in a suitcase in that car in the Lipetsk region for almost a year.

In addition to modeling, Greta used to respond to various criminal activities on social media. He was even vocal in the media about the actions of President Vladimir Putin.

Source: Dailymail

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