The Apple Store is closing

In the last few weeks, Apple stores have been shutting down one after another due to Corona in the United States and Canada. Apple is making this decision because its employees are affected by Kovid. According to Bloomberg News, Apple has closed 6 stores in Canada in one day.

According to the report, 10 percent of the employees of a store are being shut down only when they are infected with Kovid. The transmission rate is higher in the United States, mainly due to the higher prevalence of this Omicron variant. Apple’s other decisions to change the situation include mandatory wearing of masks and late opening of the office.

According to the news media NineTufyMac, Apple has introduced another thing, which is that in many metro areas, delivery can be done within two hours, in areas where Apple is offering free delivery. This facility will remain until Christmas. Apple said the decision was made to avoid overcrowding in stores during the offer.

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