Sravanti got married again?

The wedding season is underway. From Bollywood to Tollywood, Sanaiya tunes everywhere. Indian actor Om Sahani and Indian actress Sravanti Chatterjee suddenly appeared in the guise of bride and groom.

 Red Benarsi, Gavarti gold jewelry, and the garland of the ankles. When some people thought they would be scared, they spread love instead! Sravanti revealed her glimpse herself. He also explained that the critics do not need to worry unnecessarily, their chemistry on the screen will not be less jammed. News of Hindustan Times.

However, in the blink of an eye, they have lent themselves to the daily routine effortlessly. Om is wearing a jeans-shirt and Sravanti is wearing a salwar-kameez. The shooting of this film will start on January 4. Om and Sravanti had worked together in the movie ‘Hulloor’ a year ago, but at that time their partner was Darshan and Soham, but this time the equation of the relationship has changed. A good friendship has been formed in the gap of ‘Hulloor’, this time the friendship of Om-Sravanti will be even stronger. Om-Sravanti was caught in such an incarnation in the poster shoot of newcomer director Ayon Dey’s ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ movie. Before the wedding year is over, Om is in the throes of marriage again with a hat on his head, but this time in real life.
What will be the story of this film? Om-Sravanti will be seen in the role of husband and wife in ‘Don’t be afraid. The screenplay says, Ananya (Sravanti) Dr. Wife of Akash Chatterjee. Mother-in-law’s relationship with Ananya is not good at all. He wants to evict his mother-in-law by showing fear. But in the meanwhile, a new twist entered the story. Sravanti is scared of ghosts and loves to act in horror movies. This is his number four spooky picture. In Sravanti’s words- ‘I love to be afraid of ghosts. It’s quite a creepy thing. ‘

However, this is not the first time that Sravanti-Om has appeared on the screen together before. They have also been seen together in the movie ‘Hulloor’.

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