Sentinel Island, a forbidden island in the Bay of Bengal

In this age of satellite technology, it is impossible to imagine a place on earth beyond human discovery, but there are still some places that people have not been able to conquer with modern technology, Sentinel Island is one such place.

Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal is part of India on paper but it is itself
The Indian government has not been able to communicate with the people of the island. Despite repeated attempts, the Indian government did not know much about the island

This is because the inhabitants of the island do not welcome anyone from the outside world, they throw arrows and spears whenever they try to approach the island so fiercely by any boat or helicopter. Kidnaps some people on this island,

Their intention was to capture the island after winning the hearts of the abducted inhabitants by feeding them good food, but the East India Company’s attempt failed. Because of their prolonged isolation from human habitation, their immunity is so low that they can die from even minor illnesses such as colds and coughs.

With an estimated population of 50 to 500 people on an island of 60 square kilometers, the islanders live in prehistoric times, even in this age of mobile phones and the Internet. The damage is done,

The Indian government sent helicopters to see if the residents were alive, and the people of the island shot arrows at the helicopters, saying they were still alive after the tsunami.

Then, in 2008, two fishermen on the Andaman Islands went fishing, drank too much and fell asleep, and at night they floated to Sentinel Island, where they were brutally murdered by islanders.

When the Indian Coast Guard-fishermen went to retrieve the bodies, they aimed their shots at the Coast Guard helicopters, but were eventually forced to return without retrieving the bodies. Going is forbidden.

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