Sealand is the smallest country in the world

The smallest country in the world is Sealand, in English such an entity is called micronation, in Bengali it is called atomic state. With no other country in the world recognizing Sealand as a sovereign state, Vatican City is still the smallest country in the world.

But by definition, Sealand has everything an independent state needs.

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The official name of this tiny country is the Principality of Sealand, floating on the sea.

The size of the cylinder is about 6,000 square feet. Interestingly, the country has a small capital and its capital is Fort Rafs. .

Flying over the palaces, the country’s own flag cylinder, the common language is English and the currency name is Silent Dollar. Citizens of Seychelles also have their own passports.

This infrastructure in Sealand was built by the British during World War II, and the British navy built several sea forts off the coast of England, fearing that the Germans might invade England at any time.

From these forts, enemy warships were monitored, and if necessary, they were attacked. After the end of World War II, British forces bombed and destroyed some of the forts themselves, leaving some forts abandoned. Later, on September 2, 1967, Major Peddy Roy Bates, a former British army officer, and his family occupied the place, then they became an independent state. Announces | No country in the world has yet recognized them, but no state has opposed them.

The country has a total population of only 28 people, including security guards. The former German prince invaded Sealand and abducted the country’s prince. Since then, security guards have been stationed here. There are multiple rooms in the pillar. These houses were occupied by British troops. At present all the necessities of life for the citizens of Seychelles are collected from the nearby SS County of England.

So the authorities of the country request to visit their website. Moreover, if you want, you can buy honorary degree identity card and various types of Sealand products from Cylinder website. There is even a chance to buy a few inches of cylinder space for 10 years even though you will never be able to physically go to that place.

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