Sana Khan is sewing the gilaf of Kaaba Sharif

Sana Khan has left the glittering world of Bollywood and chosen the path of peace. Sana has chosen a life of sacrifice to live according to the rules of Islam. There is no value in living the glittering world in the life you have. That’s why he has arranged himself in that way. Life partner has chosen for his life.

After that, the former actress has focused on religious activities. For the first time after marriage, she went to perform Umrah with her husband. Sana Khan has got the privilege of taking part in sewing the black ghilaf of Kaaba Sharif in the space of performing Umrah.

He posted a video of this information on his Instagram account. In the caption of the video, Sana Khan writes, “I never dreamed that God would write such a blessing for me that I would be able to take part in the great work of sewing the ghilaf of Kaaba Sharif.” God is very merciful. ‘

He also thanked the Saudi government for giving him the opportunity to do so. Sana Khan also remembers her husband Mufti Anas.

Sana Khan has won the hearts of movie lovers by starring in several Bollywood movies including ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ and ‘Joy Ho’. Sana has acted in many regional movies.

Sana Khan has chosen someone as her lifelong companion who is a pious man. Educated in the teachings of Islam. He studied Islam. He lived according to Islamic Sharia. Maulana Mufti Anas is a native of Gujarat, India.

Sana fell in love after marriage. Posting a picture with her husband on Instagram, she wrote, ‘I never thought halal love could be so beautiful! I felt after marrying you. All halal deeds are virtuous. ‘

Earlier, Sana wrote on Instagram with a picture of her hand wearing henna, “If my love was not holy, the color of henna would not be so bright.”

He wrote, ‘They loved one another for the sake of Allah. Married for the sake of Allah. May Allah keep us together in this world. Jannat should also be reunited. ‘

Former actress Sana Khan said goodbye to Bollywood in October last year. He said on social media that he is removing himself from the world of entertainment.

Because he wants to surrender himself to Islam Within a month, he got married to Mufti Anas, a diamond trader from Gujarat. Incidentally, on November 20, Salman Khan’s one-time co-actress tied the knot with Anas Saeed. After the marriage, Sana Khan changed her name.

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