‘Rohan’ is coming, this time Google will also stick to the watch market!

The codename of this new watch is Rohan. It’s not too late for Google’s Pixel Watch to hit the market.

Many people love to wear smartwatches. Someone needs a smartwatch. Good news for them. This time Google is bringing their first smartwatch to the market. The codename of this smartwatch is Rohan. Google has been experimenting with this smartwatch for the last few years.

Once upon a time, it was heard that Google Pixel will launch Google Pixel Watch with 8 smartphones. But that did not happen. It is known that Google will launch its first smartwatch in 2022. Google has completed all preparations for the launch of the first in-house smartwatch.

As far as is known, Google Pixel Watch will be a bit more expensive than Fitbit. According to a report by market research firm Counterpoint, Apple will lead global smartwatch shipments by the third quarter of 2021. Samsung in two. This is followed by AmazonFit, IMO, Huawei. However, it is expected that the Google Pixel Watch will directly compete with the Apple Watch.

It is learned that Google will instruct its employees to give feedback using this smartwatch. Google Pixel Watch will monitor health and fitness metrics. It is said that there will be basic health-tracking features like heart rate monitor and step counting.

Work on this Pixel Watch is expected to be completed this month. The Google Pixel Watch will hit the market in 2022. The design of this watch has already been leaked. A new version of the Google Smartwatch software may be offered on this watch.

Although working with Fitbit via Pixel hardware, this watch will not feature Fitbit.

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