Papers to keep with you when riding a motorcycle

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  • License
  • Registration number
  • Tax token
  • Insurance
  • Helmet
  • Full dress
  • Sue or sneakers

Motorcycles are the only means of transportation for many of us. Many people use motorcycles to avoid the hassle of getting on the road and public transport. But many people do not know that when you go out on the road with a motorcycle, you have to carry the necessary documents with you.

Most of the time we make the necessary paperwork after buying a motorcycle. It takes quite a while to get these papers. However, the correct rule is to prepare these documents before buying a motorcycle.

The law enforcement agencies have always been fulfilling their overall responsibility to create a beautiful environment in the country. The law is being tightened for this. So if you keep the necessary documents with you while riding a motorcycle, you can ride a bike without any kind of harassment. As well as these papers ensure the safety of you and your motorcycle.

Let’s take a look at the documents to keep with you while riding a motorcycle-


A rider must carry a license when riding a motorcycle. BRTA will not issue motorcycle registration if the buyer fails to submit the driving license at the time of purchase of the motorcycle. This means that if you buy a motorcycle without a driving license, both the driver and the motorcycle are illegal until you get a driving license. The police or any law enforcement agency can arrest you at any time.

Registration number

Registration number is very important to ride a motorcycle without any hassle. The registration number confirms your ownership with the valid existence of the bike. If you ride a bike without registration, you are much more likely to dump the bike.

Tax token

The tax token is basically a license to ride a bike on the roads of Bangladesh legally. Simply put, the receipt of the tax paid to the government for riding a bike legally for a certain period of time.

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Protection charm for insurance bikes. According to the law of Bangladesh, to ride a bike legally on the road, bike insurance is mandatory.

There are other issues with these required documents:


Helmets must be worn while riding a motorcycle. It is very important to wear a helmet to protect your head and protect it from insects or anything else while riding a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet will keep you safe as well as avoid police trouble.

Full dress

Flower sleeve dress and full pants are mandatory while riding a motorcycle. Most traffic sergeants look at this matter with an apologetic look. However, in order to protect yourself and follow the rules, you should wear full clothes.

Sue or sneakers

Wearing suede or sneakers is a must when riding a bike. Riding a bike after sandals is a criminal offense. Not wearing these suede or sneakers can lead to lawsuits.

You must obey traffic laws and regulations for safe movement. For safety, take the motorcycle safety gears later. Do not take unnecessary risks while riding the bike and consider your own safety as well as the safety of the people around you.

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