Once charged, the bike will run 100 km, do you know the price?

Times are changing. The car type is also changing. Leaving petrol-diesel powered cars is electronic. Again, in the era of epidemics, people are leaving public transport and leaning towards bikes and bicycles. And that is why new types of bicycles are coming in the market. And to capture that market, Nexju Mobility launched a new e-cycle. What is special about that e-bike?

Nexju’s new RedLark e-bike can cover more than 100 kilometers with just one hour of charging. Speed ​​will be 25 kilometers. According to the company, the bike will always have a 5.2Ah battery. As well as the 8.7Ah battery can be charged separately.

These batteries can be charged in 3-5 hours. The bike also has a dual risk brake with ABS, thinking of cyclists. However, the bike can be ridden by paddle as well as battery.

A cargo variant of the company Nexju Roadlark has also been launched for home delivery. Pankaj Tiwari, the company’s chief marketing officer, said: With just 1 hour of charging, the bike can run more than 100 kilometers. This bike will give a unique experience to the cyclists. ” He hopes that if the e-bicycle (Electric Cycle) becomes popular, it can be used instead of petrol-powered scooters or mopeds. ” And the price of this range of electric bicycles is starting from 44 thousand rupees. Needless to say, this bike will naturally captivate the general public.

Where will this bike fit? According to the company, the bike will be available in several cities including Madurai in Chennai, Gurugram in Haryana, Vijaypura in Karnataka, Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Vallabhgarh in Haryana.

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