Kolar city surrounded by the mystery of KGF movie!

KGF, it seems difficult to find people who have not seen or heard the name of this movie in South India. Kannada is a small film industry in South India. And the movie KGF of that industry has been won by Dikbidig. But before 2016, the people of India did not know that movies are made here.

But today we will tell you the story of a city surrounded by a mystery, not a movie. The story of KGF cinema is based on that city. The name of that city is Kolar. However, for gold, it is better known as Kolar Gold Field. And the name of this city has also been given to the cinema. Kolar was once a glittering city.

After the discovery of gold mines, the English used sophisticated technology to extract them. You may be surprised to hear that electricity was used in a large area in the Asian continent after Japan. The reason is that gold is the same thing. Kolar Gold Fields or KGF is a mining region in the present day state of Karnataka, India. Its distance from the nearest town Bangalore is about 100 kilometers.

KGF is the oldest gold mine in India, and the deepest mine is located a few kilometers below the ground. Even South Africa’s famous gold mines are not so deep. But despite all the complexity, the British had their eye on the cooler, because the gold here was also of very high quality. John Taylor, a British company, took charge of the excavations in the late nineteenth century.

And in the early twentieth century, the British installed electric power in these mines. When electricity did not reach many elite areas of India. Excavation so deep required special equipment. So they had the biggest winding drum in the world then. Then at one stage when full commercial production started the demand for labor increased, then people from different parts of India started coming here and settling down.

The heart of the city was home to British Indian engineers and geological supervisors. There were golf courses, tennis courts, Dutch halls and bars for them. However, there were some special facilities for the general staff. The John Trailer & Sons Company established an English medium primary school there for garden accommodation and the education of the children of European workers for them, which was later developed into middle school and then high school.

The gold that was extracted from the mines, like all the resources of India, would then go to Britain. When India became independent then there was no heavy machinery to carry out excavation work. On the other hand, in the 60’s and 70’s, when the police started encountering the mafia in Mumbai, most of them went to Dubai or Pakistan to save their lives.

After the departure of the British, the KGF was in conflict with the workers at different times. This time the mafias from Mumbai have added an extra dimension to it. Gradually the law and order situation in the city began to deteriorate. However, with so much fuss about gold, its extraction gradually slows down and sinks to the bottom, many mines close down because it is the responsibility to raise the cost of production.

Eventually, in 2001, the Indian government-owned Bharat Gold Mine closed its business in Kolar. All the nails in the coffin were knocked out. Kolar did not have the opportunity to do agriculture, nor any other industrial establishment. So gradually people started leaving the city in search of work, in Gujarat, Mumbai, Bangalore. Because they have to live, but now in the form of KGF movie farming, many tourists come here to visit. If you like the video, please like it. Thank you

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