How to find a lost mobile!
How to find a lost mobile!

How to find a lost mobile!

How to find a lost mobile! If our favorite smartphone (Android phone) is lost or stolen, we have to suffer a lot. It is more difficult to lose the necessary information and pictures inside the phone than the phone. Many people do not understand what to do if their hobby smartphone is lost, stolen or snatched. But if you lose your phone, you can track your phone and find out what it means.

To do this, you first need to download an Android Device Manager app from the Google Play Store. Then you need to install this device manager app on any one of the Android devices.

This app will help you track your phone. Above all, you will be able to delete all the data on your phone. Now open the webpage.

Now first go to and sign in with your Google account. On the off chance that you have more than one cell phone, click on the Lost Phone alternative at the highest point of the screen. In this case, if your lost phone has more than one user profile, then sign-in with the Google account in the main profile. Now a notification will go to the lost phone.

Then you can go to the map and see where the phone is. However, the location may not be perfect. As a rule, the application will point toward the encompassing region. If your phone is not found in the desired location, you will see the last non location of the phone. Now you have to work according to the options.

If necessary, click on the Enable Lock option and erase the data. There is a play sound option.

Clicking here will ring your lost telephone in full volume for five minutes. Regardless of whether the telephone is in quiet or vibrate mode, this ringtone will in any case ring. You will get the source gadget alternative. For this situation you can lock the telephone with any PIN, secret phrase, design.

On the off chance that there is no lock previously, you can set another lock. Assuming you need to get the telephone back from somebody, you can append a message or telephone number to this lock screen. Then, at that point the individual concerned can get in touch with you.

With the Erase Device option of this app, all the information on your phone can be completely deleted. However, keep in mind that any information on the SD card may not be deleted.

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