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How to extend the life of the old phone

Every year, the top technology product manufacturers market new models of smartphones. This does not mean that the user has to change the smartphone every year to keep pace with the manufacturers. With a little care, the life span of this essential device of daily life can be extended.

The Senate, a technology site, has outlined some simple strategies to increase the lifespan of older devices. Simple tasks like keeping your device clean or using a good cover can extend its lifespan.

Software updates cannot be avoided

The most effective way to keep up with the speed of the phone and avoid software complications is to keep the device’s operating system and other apps regularly updated.

While these updates do not take much time, risky issues such as software bugs and security bugs can be easily avoided. As well as adding new features to the device, the performance of the device is also maintained.

Automatic app updates match on both Android and iOS platforms. This is usually the default feature on both platforms. If you still want to be sure, in the case of the Android platform, first you have to go to ‘Settings’. If the ‘Auto-update’ feature is off, you need to turn it on from ‘Settings’.

The steps are almost the same with the iPhone. First go to the phone’s ‘Settings’, then to the App Store. If the ‘App Update’ option is not ‘on’ then you have to turn it on.

And users can wait for regular notifications of Android during system updates. If for any reason the notification is ignored, you have to find the ‘Software Update’ option in the ‘Settings’ app of the phone. You need to update the operating system of the phone using this option.

The system can also be updated on the iOS platform in two ways. Users can turn on ‘automatic updates’. In this case, a couple of days after the release of the Apple software update, the iPhone will automatically download it and install the update when the phone is not in use.

Or go to the ‘General’ option from the iPhone’s ‘Settings’ app and tap on ‘Software Update’. If there is a system update that has not been installed, the phone will tell you the step-by-step installation process. 

Speed ​​can be increased by deleting the app

It should be noted that although the smartphone is a modern device, it has limitations in storage and memory. Regularly deleting unused apps will save phone storage. And if the app that runs in the background is reduced, the speed of the phone will increase, the battery life of the phone will be longer.

Deleting unused apps on both iOS and Android platforms is an easy task. If you hold down the app icon on both the platforms, the ‘Remove App’ or ‘Uninstall’ option will appear on the screen as a drop-down or pop-up.

Use good cases

A section of users is not in favor of using separate cases with smartphones. However, there are always incidents like falling out of the hand and damaging the phone. So it is wise to use a good quality case for the device bought with a lot of money.

In this case, there is no need to use luxury cases. Use a standard case that can protect the device from injury or accident.

Keep the screen and port clean

Even if you use the case, the dust and sand accumulate on the screen and port of the smartphone in daily use. Particularly in places like charging ports, microphones, speaker grills, and headphone jacks, dust accumulates the most. Toothpicks can be used to clean these areas of the device, but care must be taken.

Microfiber cloth is considered as the best material for cleaning the screen. In addition, alcohol wipes can be used. However, care must be taken to ensure that the object used to clean the screen is not too wet.

Do not use the phone when hot

If you can avoid the situation where the battery of the phone becomes more haram, the life of the device will increase. Smartphones cannot be left in direct sunlight on a hot day. If the device gets too hot while working or playing a game, you should try to avoid those situations.

The phone will turn off automatically when the device overheats. However, it has an adverse effect on the battery. By keeping the health of the battery in mind, you can ensure the use of the device at the end of the day, the user will benefit.

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