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Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Little by little, the world is turning into a frosty sheet. With that, a lot of things are happening. Twelve small cold-cough is playing health. He can not be managed, after taking a couple of drugs!

But after that? There are a number of things that can be done this winter if you don’t look after the cold and cough. How?

Water life:

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From a young age, reading in textbooks has become quite monotonous. But when winter comes, you can feel how true it is. In fact, as the weather gets drier in winter, so does our body.

Not only does the skin get wrinkled, but it also dries out from the inside of the body. So if you want to be good in winter inside-out, there is no speed without water! Even if you do not get thirsty, you have to drink a couple of liters of water a day! Otherwise, you will not get anything except illness!

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The most harmful effects of winter are seen on the skin. Absolutely hand in hand, you can understand how much misery has happened to the skin. As a result, at this time the skin is in a very sensitive stage. What happens in it, even a slight irregularity, bash, allergies occur.

So this winter, make-up, cream – choose these beautiful things very carefully! It is better not to use anything less expensive! Why not, why mercury-containing low-cost cosmetics are only ideal for winter, any time of the year, twelve times the skin. The damage is a little early in the winter, which is this! Also, you can use a very light homemade face-pack to keep the skin soft.

Oily skin fresh:

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This is saying that the skin is damaged in winter, he knows! But tell me exactly how the damage is? In fact, during this time the acid level of the skin decreases. As a result, the skin loses its moisture. Dries very quickly, becomes dull. So the only way to keep the skin fresh in winter is to caress the oil. Apply oil before bathing every day! You see, even in the harsh winter, the skin is shiny!

On foot:

It is rare to find people who do not suffer from foot pain in winter! Winter is a time of trouble. Either the problem of bad smell or the problem of the cracked ankle. Keep your feet clean to avoid this. Rose comes from outside and rubs well with soap to keep feet clean. The dry, dead cells will come out, there will be no bad smell in the feet.

Also, to avoid cracking feet in winter, stop at home barefoot. It will not feel cold directly on the feet. Also, before going to bed, massage any cream on the feet and ankles. Wear socks after all. It will not be able to damage the feet by accumulating dust and sand on the lining of the cream!

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