Green spotted potatoes can cause that damage

Green spotted potatoes can cause that damage. It is often seen that leaving potatoes at home causes green spots. Basically, it happens when the sun falls on the potato. But what should these potatoes be eaten? Doctors say that you should not eat potatoes with green spots at all.

Mentioning the reason, they said that it produces a toxic substance called solanine in potatoes. Chlorophyll is usually produced in potatoes when the sun is shining. But as long as that chlorophyll is found, the toxins called solanine have started to form in the potatoes.

Doctors say that potatoes are made to protect themselves from insects or other germs. It causes poisoning in the human body. Many people cut off this green part of the potato and eat the rest. But there is no benefit. Because solanine spreads throughout the potato. What exactly could be the problem with playing this kind of potato? Excessive intake of this substance usually causes stomach problems. But how it will react depends on the weight of the body. Those who are overweight, have a large appearance may not have much effect. But for those who are underweight, this solanine can be a problem. This can be harmful, especially in children.

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