Google Voice can be customised in phone calls

New features have been added to Google Voice. This feature allows users to set their own response to calls from the contact list from now on. In addition, some calls from the contact list in Google Voice can be automatically ignored.

Although Google Voice already has a call forwarding feature, this new feature will allow you to further customize. For example, you can set up a rule that will forward calls from one of the numbers on your contact list (or all the numbers in a group).

If you absolutely do not want to receive forwarded calls, you can create a rule that will send the specified caller directly to voice mail. Adjusting to this option, you will be able to make greetings and screen-sharing calls in various voice mails in the preferred contact list.

From the browser-based site, click Settings in the top right corner of the screen. From there click on call and create a rule – select this option.

You can choose who you want to create a rule for, as well as whether you want to screen the call, send a voicemail, set a custom voicemail greeting, or forward the call to a specific number. Can take

Details on how to set up each individual rule can be found on Google’s support page.

Source: The Verge

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