For the first time in the history of civilization, NASA’s solar vehicle ‘touched’ the sun!

People finally ‘touched’ the Sun! For the first time in the history of civilization. NASA’s Solar Probe has reached the outer layer of the Sun’s atmosphere, which does not have a costume name. But not now, the Parker Solar Probe made it to the Sun last April. But six months later, the long-awaited milestone was announced by the US space agency.

“We’ve finally arrived,” said Nicola Fox, NASA’s heliophysics chief. Human civilization has touched the sun. ” Nicola and several other members of her team were present at a press conference held by the American Geophysical Union. There he spoke of this fancy achievement.

People’s curiosity about that area of ​​the sun and the terrible solar wind that is there in the book is long standing. But this is the first time any vehicle on Earth has been able to reach it. How important is this event? “It’s a huge milestone,” Craig Defrest, a Colorado solar expert, told Nature.

According to NASA, Parker entered the solar system on April 26. But why was it reported after so long? Scientists say that in the last few months, they have downloaded all the information obtained from the vehicle and explained it to him. Only then did they become convinced of that fame.

Parker traveled to the sun in 2016. Since then it has been seen sending various pictures of the sun. Scientists say that it helps a lot to know new information about the sun. It is believed that this achievement of the Sun entering the corona region will help to understand the ruler of the solar system in a wider way in the future. Parker will continue his exploration until 2025. The solar vehicle will continue to provide new information about the sun and its magnetic field.

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