FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Playground

We all know that Qatar is going to host the FIFA Football World Cup in 2022 and that is why a number of state-of-the-art stadiums have been built in Qatar. And you can’t help but be amazed. No other country in the world has built such stadiums before. The stadiums cost about ১০ 10 billion to build. And it would cost about ২১ 210 billion to double the entire fortune of Richard Branson, owner of the billionaire Virgin Group in England, and to build and lobby the entire World Cup host and stadium side park.

Which is equivalent to the annual income of Paru Bangladesh and at a huge cost, these stadiums have been built with modern design in keeping with the Qatari tradition. These are going to be air-conditioned and climate control options for which neither the sun hawk nor the rain hawk will be able to stop the most popular football game.

Even in the vicinity of each stadium it has been made like Future Park and the funny thing is that the parts of the stadium in Qatar will be sent to the developing countries after the World Cup. And with the parts of these stadiums, 22 standard stadiums will be built. So without further ado, let’s take a look at Qatar’s state-of-the-art stadiums. I am starting the video by requesting you to forgive me for the mistakes that may have been made in this video.

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The name of this stadium is Al-Qarafa Stadium, and this stadium has been built in the color of the flags of the whole world. And in this stadium, about 44,000 spectators can watch the game together. It has air conditioning facility including automatic climate and solar radiation control. Qatar has spent about Rs 6,000 crore to build the stadium.

It is the Al Khoras Stadium, originally built in the city of Al Khoras in the shape of a sea snail. And 80,000 spectators can enjoy the game together in this stadium. And it also has Emergency Climate Control and Air Conditioning. In other words, no matter how hot it gets outside Qatar, there is no problem if you enter the field.

The stadium is Al Ryan Stadium. As you can see, the stadium will be like a full color television, and the Paru Stadium is set up with a huge color display of 420,000 square feet. And in this display you can enjoy the game from outside the field. Also the whole area around this stadium has been made like a park.

The stadium is modeled on the traditional boat in the city of Al Shama in Qatar. And this stadium is built on a small island, for which you have to take a small water taxi to this stadium. All around, 46,000 spectators will be able to watch the game in any digital stadium in this beautiful environment built in the Future Park. All in all it is a wonderful stadium.

The huge sports complex is being built in the city of Al Wark in the Dhudhu Desert of Qatar. The stadium has all kinds of facilities including hotel shopping. And its project cost is around Rs 10,000 crore. And it is Qatar’s most expensive stadium.

This is Doha’s Port Stadium. As you can see, this stadium is beautifully built on water. Located at the stadium in Doha, Qatar, 40,000 spectators can watch the game together.

The Khalifa International Stadium was built in the desert of the Qatari city of Al Rayyan. Qatar has turned it into a fairly small town to build this stadium. And here 41 thousand spectators can enjoy the game together.

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