Facebook account lock? No worries, complaints can be reported on live chat support

The young generation is now more confident in virtual wall to get updates from friends. An ideal example of this is the growing number of Facebook users around the world. But suddenly if the Facebook account is locked! Or can’t use Facebook in any way, then? Recently, many people are facing this problem. But can’t find a solution. But now there is no worry. Complaints can be made through the live chat support system.

Meta is appearing with this new feature at the end of the year. This feature is the first of its kind in the United States for English-speaking people. Customers whose accounts have been locked for suspicious activity or violation will now be able to submit their statements via live chat. According to Meter, the live chat feature has been launched on an experimental basis. Although the first American users benefited from it, in the future customers around the world will get this service.

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) regularly introduces new features to stay competitive. But so far there has been no arrangement for direct communication on the part of the company. This is the first time the Live Chat feature has been launched to help customers with accounting. Users will also find answers to questions about Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In addition to this feature, customers will get some additional services from now on. Blocking a customer, creating a new account, keeping your posts out of the reach of disliked people – these features are also being updated. All in all, now using the Facebook platform will be more secure and easier.

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