By looking at the symptoms you will understand the deficiency of vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 is behind energy conversion, oxygen supply to the blood, appetite, sleep, and anxiety. When it is lacking, the body will start rebelling. Sleep will be less, fatigue will be more. Disgust will come. By looking at some of the symptoms of the body you can understand whether you are suffering from vitamin B-6 deficiency. Let’s see what the symptoms might be.

  • Lack of vitamin B-6 causes anemia. If it is low, red blood cells are reduced. It will make you feel weaker.
  • Lack of B-6 also causes a facial rash. However, if the deficit is not very alarming, it can take years for the rash to appear. This rash can cause itchy skin.
  • Swollen lips, sore tongue, or swollen tongue are also symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency.
  • Frequent numbness of hands and feet.
  • Babies have to be given extra food after six months along with breast milk. Otherwise, they will also fall in the absence of B-6. Children will cry more because of its deficiency. Convulsions may also occur.
  • Lack of this vitamin can lead to depression, loss of thinking ability, mood swings, and other complex diseases.
  • Vitamin B-6 can be easily found in fish, meat, vegetables. In addition, you can take supplementary medicine on the advice of a doctor.

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