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Big danger in tight underwear, how to protect

Most people are absolutely indifferent about lingerie. But experts say that wearing tight underwear can cause physical harm. That’s why underwear like other clothes should be bought well.

What does the research say?

Many of us may have heard that smoking, alcohol, or an uncontrolled lifestyle can cause male infertility. But in a recent research report from Oxford University, researchers said that tight underwear can reduce sperm count. The report, published in the Journal of Human Reproduction, states that wearing boxer underwear increases the number or density of sperm.

On the other hand, a report published in the Journal of the National Institutes of Health in the United States states that if girls wear pants or underwear smaller than their own size, they are at increased risk of urinary tract infection. Wearing very tight pants can cause a yeast infection in the genitals.

Fittings do not mean one size is small

Experts say that underwear should not be used to be extra stylish. Most people do that. This results in physical damage. So it is advisable to be careful when buying underwear just like normal clothes. Apart from that, many people wear special underwear (such as sports bra) for exercise. Wearing very tight underwear can cause itching and sweating in the lower limbs. So when you buy underwear, you will get benefits if you choose cotton soft fabric underwear.

What to do to avoid danger?

  1. Take care of comfort and well-being.
  2. Buy cotton underwear without buying fancy fabric.
  3. Don’t wear the same underwear all day.
  4. It is important to buy new underwear after one to one and a half months.
  5. Do not wear normal underwear during exercise. This increases the risk of bacterial infections by sweating.
  6. Do not sleep after underwear.
  7. Always keep underwear clean.
  8. Do not clean underwear in the washing machine or dryer.

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