Bhola is full of unseasonable hilsa fish

Even though it is not a full season, hilsa is being caught in large numbers in the Meghna-Tentulia river of Bhola.

Fishermen are smiling when they catch enough hilsa. They hope to be able to make up for the loss of the season: if hilsa is caught in this way in the next 10-12 days.

The Fisheries Department thinks that more hilsa is being caught in winter due to some change in the hilsa season this year.

Hilsa-filled season lasts from June to October. At this time, coastal fishermen including Bhola catch more hilsa in their nets. Sometimes the fishermen catch more hilsa than the target. This time there was some frustration among the fishermen as they did not get the desired hilsa in the rainy season.

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However, the winter is not a season full of hilsa, but this time the opposite is seen. Suddenly, for two days, silver hilsa has been caught in large numbers in the nets of fishermen at the mouth of the sea including Meghna Tertulia. The fishermen think that if there is such a situation for a few more days, they will be able to overcome the losses of the monsoon.

The district fisheries officer thinks that the season of hilsa has changed a bit like so many hilsa has been caught untimely.

In this regard, Bhola district fisheries officer SM Azharul Islam said, ‘Hilsa is coming in large quantities in the storm. We hope to get enough Hilsa next March-April.

The target for hilsa in the district this year is 1 lakh 8 thousand metric tons. In the first 6 months of the season, half of the target hilsa has been caught.

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