‘Banned’ forever in Canada Murad!

Dr. lost the post of state minister of information due to controversial statements. Expatriate Bangladeshis living in Canada have reacted by not allowing Murad Hasan to enter the country.

They say Canadian authorities have done the right thing by not allowing such a person to enter. Many have also demanded his punishment for tarnishing the image of the country.

At the peak of the discussion for the last few days. Murad Hasan. His refusal to enter Canada has sparked renewed discussions.

According to various sources, Dr. arrived at Pearson Airport in Toronto at 1:15 pm local time in Canada on Friday. Murad Hasan. He was then interrogated for about three hours by CBS officers from the Canada Border Services Agency. Meanwhile, Murad Hassan said that he had come to Canada for a health check-up including diabetics.

He was deported back to the country on Friday night after being interrogated by CBS officials. Immigration authorities even collected his fingerprints, photographs, and signatures to prevent him from entering Canada in the future.

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Immediately after such news, Murad became a topic of discussion among the expatriate Bangladeshis living in the country. Many have praised the move by Canadian authorities.

Earlier, Dr. Murad Hasan’s arrival in Canada drew a backlash from expatriate Bangladeshis living there. In addition to submitting written requests to various government departments, immigration offices, and the Canadian Border Services Agency to block his entry into Canada, they also provided news video and audio of his misdeeds in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, after the incident, many think that the future arrival of government bureaucrats and MPs in Canada will be questioned.

Dr. Murad Hasan resigned as state minister on December 6. On the night of 9 December, he left Dhaka for Canada on a diplomatic passport.

It is to be noted that in the incident of leaking hate speech against women and some audio clips, Dr. under the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Murad Hasan resigned as state minister.


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