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  • Byzantine gold ring
  • Rembrandt's Lost Paintings
  • An entire city lost in the heart of the desert
  • The oldest cave paintings of animals
  • Gold masks in the sacrificial pit
  • Responding small beads

One or another story is mixed with everything ancient. Finding something like that means that the story comes to the fore anew, a new history unfolds. And if it is something to stir up, then there is no point. This year too, some ancient relics have been found. They range from Byzantine rings to entire cities.

Byzantine gold ring

Gold ring Laying purple stones on top of the thousand-Year-old ring was found in the Israeli town. News of the ring was received by the Israeli Antiquities Department last November. The valuable ring is thought to have been owned by a wealthy man during the Byzantine period. He lived in Israel sometime between the third and seventh centuries.

Rembrandt’s Lost Paintings

Rembrandt van Rijn: The Adoration of

Three people have come to meet the baby ‘Jesus Christ’ for the first time. There was a painting on the wall of a village in Italy about this meeting. Surprising information comes to the fore when going to repair later. It is known that it is not an ordinary painting at all. This year, the Italian Heritage Foundation says it is the brainchild of the famous painter Rembrandt — The Adornment of Maggie. It was painted from 1832 to 1833. For many years there was no trace of it.

A Full city lost in the heart of the desert

The ancient city is vast with intriguing curved walls
Credit: EPA

Egypt means mine of ancient monuments. showing their signs of resilience for years. I did not have to be disappointed even in 2021. This year, an entire ancient city has been discovered in the country’s desert. scientist says the city is 3,000 years old. It is by far the largest ancient city to be found in Egypt.

The first lost city was found in Egypt in 2020. Archaeologists have been digging there ever since. Most of the southern part of the city was visible until last April of this year.

Betsy Bryan, a professor at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, said the discovery of the lost city was the biggest discovery since Tutankhamen’s tomb. The things in the houses of the city areas if they were used yesterday.

The oldest cave paintings of animals

By @ photo Luc-Henri Fage

It has long been thought that the oldest cave paintings were found only in Europe. He has already made a mistake. Ancient man-made paintings were found in caves in Indonesia. When you hear the year and date of drawing them, your eyes will rise to your forehead.

A 45,500-year-old painting has recently been found on a cave wall on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It is thought to be the oldest surviving cave painting. The cave depicts three pig-like animals standing side by side.

Earlier, cave paintings were found in the same area. One of them is also 43,900 years old.

Gold masks in the sacrificial pit

One hundred years ago. A local farmer rushes to an archeological site near the Chinese city of Chengdu. Since then, thousands of archeological specimens have been recovered from there. Last June, about 500 artifacts were excavated from a few sacrificial holes at the Sanjingdui site. Among them was a broken mask made of gold. It belongs to the Sang dynasty. This ruled China until 1048 BC.

Responding small beads

In the eastern part of the state of Alaska in the United States, some small beads were excavated in the middle of the twentieth century. The beads are made in Europe. Experts believe that they are one of the first European-made materials to reach North America. They were taken from Europe to North America before the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks published a study last in January. According to the study, the beads were taken in North America between 1440 and 1480. Columbus arrived in the United States in 1492, several years later.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks says that in the 14th century, there were trade relations between Venice, Italy, and Asia. At that time the beads may have reached China from Europe via Silk Road. From there it goes to the far east of Russia. He then crossed the Bering Strait and found his way to North America via the Arctic.

This is not the end

In March of this year, the Israeli government announced the discovery of several fragments of the Dead Sea Scroll. The Holy Bible is found in fragments. Archaeologists have unearthed them in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Ancient Judaism and Hebrew-speaking manuscripts are known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The manuscript was found on the north shore of the Dead Sea in 1947.
Last March, researchers discovered a 3,200-year-old mural. The mural has a picture of a ‘spider god’ holding a knife. It was rescued from northern Peru in 2020.

Later, in May, they found a portrait of the head of Augustus Octavian, the first emperor of ancient Rome. The marble portrait is 2,000 years old. It was discovered during a medieval wall renovation in the Italian city of Isernia.

In August, another shocking news came out. The remains of a warrior were recovered from a Stone Age tomb in Finland. DNA analysis suggests that the fighter was of the third sex.

Archaeologists have unearthed a 25th-century BC temple in Egypt.




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