Argentina's 8 best footballers of all time
Argentina's 8 best footballers of all time

Argentina’s 8 best footballers of all time

Argentina’s 6 best footballers of all time. Argentina the country of football, says that the people of the country eat football, play football and live with football, in a word, football is one of their knowledge, meditation, and survival.

Maradona and Gabriel Batistuta are the first names to appear among the many stars who have fought hard to popularize Argentine football, an important state in South America. Maradona has shown how to bring home the World Cup alone from the role of one man army

He has played four World Cups for Argentina and has since moved to Batista. He has been the best striker of all time. Batistuta is the first player to score 50 goals for Argentina, having played 77 matches for Argentina in his 11-year career and has scored 54 goals. And now Lionel Messi is in the first place with the most goals, we have information about 6 legendary players for Argentina in today’s episode.

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1. Diego Armando Maradona

Diego Armand Maradona – Before the discovery of Messi, Argentine fans thought that Maradona means Argentina and Argentina means Maradona. That is, there is nothing to recognise him anew. ​​Maradona was the first to show how to win the World Cup alone, in a word, this star was One and Army. He wanted to keep the whole team in one thread. Maradona has played four World Cups for Argentina. Maradona’s sole dominance was Argentina winning the 1986 World Cup. He scored 34 goals in 91 appearances for Argentina.

2. Gabriel Batistuta

Gabriel Batistuta – Batistuta means Mr. Dependable, Technique Finishing Attacking Heading Free Kick means Batistuta, Batistuta was the most accomplished striker of the time. After Maradona, he became a legendary player. Batistuta made his international football debut in 1991. He was called one of the best strikers in the history of Argentine football until 2002. He is the first player to score 50 goals for the country. He scored 54 goals in 77 appearances for Argentina in his 11-year career.

3. Abaldu Philal

Abaldu Philal – In football, a goalkeeper is someone who is said to be the last barrier to attacking an opponent, and protecting one’s own goalposts is the goalkeeper’s job. He was the best goalkeeper in 78 World Cups, playing 58 matches in the sky blue jersey.

4. Hobby’s Zanetti

Hobby’s Zanetti – He played 145 matches for the Argentine jersey, which is the highest number of matches he has played for a country. He has played in two World Cups.

5. Fernando Redondo

Fernando Redunda – Originally from Spanish club Real Madrid, has spent most of his career at Real Madrid, one of the best defensive midfielders in the history of football.

6. Roberto Perfamu

Roberto Perfamu- This defender of football matches was called the best defender of his time, he was very good at marking the opponent and he has played a total of 37 matches for Argentina.

7. Mario Kempes

Mario Kempes – Mario Kempes has been instrumental in helping Argentina win their first World Cup in 1986. He has been named the tournament’s top scorer with the Golden Boot, as well as winning two Golden Balls. That was enough to make him a part of the team.

8. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi – Argentina will rejoice after the goal for the country and Messi will not be there. What is it? Although he has not yet taken a break from the world of football, he is still considered a living legend in the world of football. And Lionel Messi has slowly dusted off all previous records, so nothing can be said about him until his football is over.

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