Apple is touching the milestone of three trillion dollars

For the past decade, Apple has been the world’s most expensive company. Apple is going to touch the capital of three trillion or three trillion dollars.

Meanwhile, Apple’s acceptance in the stock market has increased manifold. Investors have been relying on Apple for years.

Apple shares are currently priced at $175.74 per share. The company’s share price touched $ 182.86 cents this year.

An analysis of the US stock market last week showed that Apple’s stock rose 11 percent. With investors relying on Apple’s stability, Apple has managed to reach 3 trillion from market 2 trillion in just 16 months.

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Tech analysts say the economic growth in the sector has accelerated due to the increasing reliance on technology during the epidemic. Where Apple’s capital has grown from 2 trillion to 3 trillion in just 18 months, it took Apple 2 years to reach 1 trillion to 2 trillion.

The iPhone is the source of 75% of Apple’s revenue. Apart from this, the fact that Apple has brought cars to the market this time has also had a huge impact on investors.

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