A park seems to have changed a lot

A park seems to have changed a lot. Even thousands of miles away, Bangabandhu’s Bangladesh has become dear to the children of Turkey.

Everyone is coming to Bangabandhu Memorial Park in the capital Ankara and thanking Bangladesh. The park was inaugurated on 13 December by the Ankara Municipality and the DNCC.

They did not know Bangladesh even a few days ago. But now Turkish speaks Bengali in the mouths of these children.
On the one hand 50 years of victory and on the other hand Bangabandhu’s birth centenary. Five and a half thousand miles away, a new generation of a different nation is being introduced to Bangladesh.

The newly built Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Memorial Park in Casioran, the capital of Turkey, is being talked about. At the main gate is a picture of the father of the nation inlaid with white stone. With his short biography in English and Turkish. And this is where Bangabandhu’s Bangladesh is the center of interest.

The park has football, tennis, volleyball and basketball facilities on about 10 bighas of land. There are many other aspects of children’s sports.

This area of ​​Casioran is inhabited by Turks as well as people from Asia, Africa, Europe and other parts of the world. So through this the name of Bangabandhu and Bangladesh will spread across the country.

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