5G service will save both time and money

Bangladesh has entered the 5G era by putting an end to all trivialities and speculations. Those in the sector say that this fifth generation telecom service will save people both time and money.

Any work can be done instantly by sending drones instead of people to remote places. Robots or cars can be controlled from any part of the world. Doctor’s advice can be found sitting at home.

The water of the rivers of the country is constantly being polluted by human and industrial waste. Collecting water samples to determine the level of contamination and then testing them in a lab is quite time consuming.

5G technology will be useful in this case. Using this high speed telecom service, samples can be collected from anywhere in the river at any time by sending a drone. By checking the water in seconds, it can be known whether the value is above or below the danger level.

5G will have a minimum speed of 20 Mbps. This fast-paced technology will give ordinary people a taste of artificial reality. The experience of skating on ice can be taken while sitting at home with 5G VR in mind. Not only this, with the help of driver you can avoid accidents on busy roads of the city. In the future, the industry will be controlled by robotics technology. And 5G will give life to that robot.

Considering these realities, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Mustafa Jabbar said that 5G services will be brought under priority in industrial areas and high-tech parks.

As the ninth country in the world, Bangladesh launched 5G service on 12 December.

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