29 years after his escape from prison, he was 'caught' by coronavirus!
29 years after his escape from prison, he was 'caught' by coronavirus!

29 years after his escape from prison, he was ‘caught’ by coronavirus!

He lost his job and place in the coronavirus epidemic. He was not getting a new job due to lockdown

Criminal Darco Desic escaped from Grafton Prison in Australia 29 years ago. He was out of reach for so long. However, he lost his job and shelter in a recent lockdown caused by the coronavirus in Sydney, Australia, and was finally forced to return to the law to save his life.

According to the report, Darko Desik is now 64 years old. The country’s court sentenced him to 13 months in prison for cultivating cannabis. He escaped from Grafton Prison in New South Wales, Australia, to Avalon on Sydney’s North Beach on August 1, 1992, using various devices. He lived in Sydney as a working man for a wealthy family. At the time, he kept his identity secret. Also did not have any driving license. He never even appeared before any doctor. Due to this the authorities could not identify him. However, when a lockdown was announced in Sydney in response to the recent outbreak of covid, the wealthy family fired him. After losing his job and home, he was forced to sleep on the beach. At one point he decided to return to prison in the hope of getting better. And so he ended his three-decade escape life and went back to prison.

Desik said he lost his job and shelter due to the coronavirus. He was not getting any job due to lockdown. So he was forced to surrender himself to the law. Police said, “He slept on the beach at night. He surrendered thinking that there would be a roof over his head and he would get food. ” Incidentally, Desic is one of the most notorious prison inmates in Australia. In his fugitive life he avoided any situation that might catch the eye of others. Once he was featured in the popular TV series “Australia’s Most Wanted”, he became even more cautious.

After surrendering, he was produced in court via video. He will have to appear in court again on September 28.

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